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Our Story

Our Ultra Concentrated Terpene Rich Hemp Oil is derived from industrial hemp, a type of cannabis plant. Unlike marijuana which contains THC,  hemp oil has no psychoactive effect but many health benefits. 

Our water soluble CBD oil is our most effective product, we also offer a 250 mg/ounce CBD Topical which is can be great for spot pain and arthritis.  We offer Pet CBD to help with anxiety and joint pain, as well as CBD vape and edibles. 

And if you're curous about the name check out the video below.

Featured on Lifetime

We were recently featured on a special segment of the The Balancing Act on the Lifetime Network. You can learn all about why Vince started the company, take a look at our facility where we manufacture and bottle all of our CBD, and hear some powerful customer testimonials.  

Basics of CBD

This video is from our doctor on staff and is from 2017.  He talks all about what CBD, some examples of people who've benefited from CBD, and the science behind it. 

You'll learn about how CBD is extracted, how it interacts with the receptors in our body, and some possible medicial conditoins your doctor may suggest CBD can help with.