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 Our Ultra Concentrated Terpene Rich Hemp Oil is derived from industrial hemp, a type of cannabis plant. Unlike marijuana which contains THC,  hemp oil has no psychoactive effect but many health benefits. 

Our water soluble CBD oil is our most effective product, we also offer a 250 mg/ounce CBD Topical which is great for spot pain and arthritis.  We offer Pet CBD to help with anxiety and joint pain, as well as CBD vape and edibles. 

 And if you're curous about the name check out the video below. 

About Us

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Proprietary Nanotechnology


CBD American Shaman’s nanotechnology represents the ultimate refinement of hemp oil concentrate. Our unique process gives unmatched particle size, putting cannabinoids in their most bio-active state. This minute size gives the cannabinoids a much greater surface area. For example; Picture a basketball full of BB's sitting on your kitchen floor. It only covers a small portion of the floor. Now, picture the basketball breaking open and all those BB's spilling out. They spread out over the entire floor. This is what our proprietary nano system does — it breaks large lipid balls full of cannabinoids down thousands of times to the molecular level. The smaller the particle size, the easier it is for the cells of your body to absorb it. Every time you cut the particle size in half, you increase its surface area. Think of the exponential surface area when you reduce particle sizes hundreds of times. This process will not only make hemp oil concentrate much more potent, it will make delivery time to the cells a matter of seconds; not hours!


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Our Company


CBD American Shaman is dedicated to bringing wellness to the world through ultra-concentrated terpene rich CBD oil derived from all natural, high quality industrial hemp. It is legal in all 50 states and is 100% Organic, Gluten Free, Non GMO Hemp and has no heavy metals or insecticides, and is batch tested using Ultra Performance Convergence Chromatography.

It is known to support and bring relief to the body and mind. This includes relieving stress, maintaining focus, pain management, and much more. We follow only the best industry standards, making our Hemp Oil the most effective and the highest quality on the market today. 

As a company we are focused on the welfare of our customers and even provide a Compassionate Care Program with discounts for those with chronic conditions, who are low-income, and for veterans. We offer competitive pricing and have a money back guarantee policy. If not satisfied, we will refund your order within 30 days of your purchase.  Any other questions? Give us a call or stop by either our Broad Ripple or Carmel location for more information.  

What Our Customers Say About Us

CBD Benefits

Can CBD Help With Anxiety?

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Research on cannabidiol oil (CBD oil) is still in its infancy, but there is mounting evidence to suggest that some people can get relief from anxiety using CBD.  This article will walk you through what CBD is, the risks associated with CBD, and how it can help with anxiety.

CBD for Inflammation Related Pain

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 Recent studies suggest that cannabidiol oil could play a role in the treatment of arthritis. What are the benefits of cannabidiol oil and are there any side effects people should be aware of before using it? This article will walk you through how CBD could help with inflammation, show you studies why it could help, and risks associated with CBD. 

CBD May Help With Sleep

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Cannabinoids interact with your endocannabinoid system, which helps maintain a state of balance and stability within the body, or homeostasis.  

Some research and anecdotal evidence suggest that CBD can also help you get a good night’s sleep. Here’s what you need to know about using CBD for sleep.

Why Water Soluble CBD Is Best

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You may have heard the terms  “nanoemulsified CBD” or “water-soluble CBD” tossed into a CBD product description like they’re household words. But what do they actually mean? This article will talk about the basics of nanotechnology  and discuss whether it’s something that will actually make CBD products better — or just a gimmick to sell more product. 

Can CBD Affect A Drug Test?

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Can you take CBD and pass a drug test? This article will explore how you can fail a drug test while taking CBD, the importance of correct labeling in CBD, and what some states are doing about this issue.  Our THC free product should provide you the comfort of knowing it's unlikely that you will fail, while still getting the benefits of CBD.  At the end of the day, we will educate our customers to the best of our ability, but it's ultimately your decision. 

Dogs with Arthritis

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This was a double-blind placebo trial with dogs suffering from osteoarthritis and multi-joint pain. Over 80% reported  showing “significant improvement in pain levels and quality of life” without undesirable side effects.  CBD for dogs can help with joint discomfort, anxiety, and stressful situations.  Our registered therapy dog that is in our Carmel location takes CBD for her arthritis, and it's truly changed her life.